Wolfgang Scheibelhofer MD, Vienna


Wolfgang Scheibelhofer MD, Vienna
Schottenfeldgasse 2
Suite 15
Vienna, 1070
Tel. +431 5239463
Fax: +431 9249044

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Welcome to my office!

I am a general internist with Cardiology as my main field; I work in a hospital (the Otto Wagner Hospital Center in Vienna/Austria) and in my private office ("Ordination", as it is called here in Austria). For more details please visit my home page in German: www.internist.at

Besides German, English and French are spoken at my office. 

Tourists are welcome: please make an appointment by phone or fax (using the numbers you see on the left hand side of this page).

If you or a friend or relative of yours are using an artificial pacemaker, check out my pacemaker information site (in English): http://internist.at/pacemakere.htm

Presurgery checkup can be scheduled upon short notice; in-hospital treatment can be made available at any private hospital in Vienna (if it is your wish not to be treated in one of the hospitals belonging to the KAV, the Viennese Hospital Holding).

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